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Ok, so i’ve had no phone service for the past month (got cancelled for literally no reason at all), almost 2 months now after I was promised id get my phone back after a month.. This is my moms boyfriend way of teaching me “responsibilities and discipline.” Keep in mind about the same time last year I went 10 months without phone service.
So my stepdad thought it would be a good idea to make a contract stating rules that I would have to follow if I wanted to get my phone back. I have no way of contacting anyone if I were to be out somewhere and something were to happen. I have already asked some people their opinions about this and they have told me it is “not normal” and “too much for one teenager.” I’m in school and I need my computer and phone to help with studying and homework and it states that if I don’t agree to this contract and terms i will go without cell service and i will have my laptop taken away every night at 10pm and no laptops on weekends.
So either way if I agree and sign this “contract” I still get my phone and computer taken away every night at 11pm, or I don’t agree and still get my computer taken away every night AND don’t get it on weekends. 
The reason i’m posting this on here is because I want opinions. I need to show my parents that this is way to much just over a phone plan.
If everyone that sees this and actually reads it could please just leave an opinion without swearing would be greatly appreciated. 

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